Smart Gas Metering - Walk-by System

Smart Gas Metering - Walk-by System for various meters

IMR Walk-by System is a complete solution for your natural gas distribution business. Highly e cient radio data acquisition enables the collector to get exact consumption data by radio without the need of entering consumer’s premises. With IMR system all installed telemetric devices are always accessible, can be read out and configured at any time of day or night, seven days a week.

IMR Smart Gas Metering AIUT consists of communication equipment, data loggers, sensors as well as backo ce software package for data acquisition, analytics and presentation.

  • Wireless solution with no cable connected data logger
  • License free radio communication
  • Consumption data immediately available from the street
  • Suitable for a group of detached houses and high-rise buildings
  • Easy to deploy, tailored to individual utility needs
  • Consumption registered for 10 years
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