Smart Gas Metering - Wireless Monitoring of LP Gas Tanks on Fuel Station

Smart Gas Metering - Wireless Monitoring of LPG Tanks

IMR Tankmonitoring system is designed for remote monitoring of LP Gas level in the fuel station tanks. The system can be integrated with commonly used ATG station controllers, such as Veeder-Root, OPW, DOMS and others. IMR Tankmonitoring solution, designed for demanding fuel station environment, provides:

  • Supervision over current and historical LP Gas levels,
  • Safety improvement for LP Gas delivery, overfill prevention,
  • Consumption prediction for better delivery planning, stock-out elimination,
  • Multi-level data access (on-site presentation, data integration with existing ATG systems and over Internet).


Local readout at the station

  • GPRS or SMS communication
  • Detection of LP Gas refilling, volume and time
  • Seamless integration with station ATG
  • Long life lithium battery (up to 5 years)
  • Real time data of LP Gas level available locally at the station
  • Robust, suitable for outdoor environment
  • Fits nearly to all types of gauges and tanks
  • On-delivery, Hi and Lo levels alarming
  • Zone 0 - ATEX approved

Data presentation, reports, SMS/E-mail at ATG station controllers

Features/Technical specification

Alevel 0214

  • The smart sensor, for nearly all types of LP Gas gauges and tanks (directly or via adapters)
  • Radio transmission of measured value to receivers in the range
  • Works in horizontal and vertical positions. Measurement accuracy +/- 3%
  • Effective local radio communication within approximately 30 m distance
  • Long life lithium battery (up to 5 years)
  • Robust outdoor design - IP 68
  • Zone 0 - ATEX approved


  • Data logger, receiving radio measurements from Alevel 0214 smart sensors (up to 6 devices)
  • Data transmission to the IMR server (via GPRS/SMS) and locally to radio receiver Ampli 68
  • Hi and Lo levels alarming, detection of LP Gas delivery
  • Long life lithium battery (up to 5 years)
  • Robust outdoor design - IP 67
  • Zone 0 - ATEX approved

Arange 1003

  • LCD display of current LP Gas levels (up to 6 tanks)
  • NFC communication for current and recent level readouts from mobile application (supervision over gas delivery)
  • Flexible installation option for good visibility for station personnel and tankers drivers
  • Serial communication and power supply from OKO 5513
  • Robust outdoor design - IP 67
  • Zone 0 - ATEX approved

Ampli 68

  • 433 MHz radio receiver
  • RS-485 serial communication and power supply from Arange 4031
  • Robust outdoor design - IP 67

Arange 4031

  • LCD display of the LP Gas level in 2 tanks
  • Input RS 485 serial communication from Ampli 68 radio receiver
  • Output serial communication – emulation of the magnetostrictive sensor protocol
  • Analog 4-20 mA output- average value of the level
  • 24 VAC power supply, optional DIN-rail mounting

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